The Complete Baby Registry Guide

I scoured the internet researching, what do I need on my baby registry!? I found that there are some lists out there with just their specific picks, which is fine, but I wanted a checklist. I needed all the details so I could check off each item in every category to make sure I was prepared. Look no further, I’ve got you covered! Here is your complete baby registry guide… with my two cents 🙂 I’ve included links to everything and share what I know about all of the different baby items.

Something to think about while putting together your registry is how many kids you plan on having and how long you want your baby items to last. Some things are worth investing in to last until baby #3, #4, etc.

Sleepers (footed pajamas) – Approx 10-15 in newborn, 0-3 month, and 3-6 month sizes (nothing with buttons!)
Sleeper Gowns – 5 So easy for changing in the middle of the night when they are newborns. I explain why in this blog post.
Newborn Beanies/Hats
Long Sleeve Onesies – 5-10
Short Sleeve Onesies – 5-10
Booties – I love these and use them ALL the time. Socks are always coming off once they start grabbing their feet and these booties stay on.
Bibs – 10 minimum! I have so many because you can literally go through 10 in just one day. They absorb all the drool and spit up.
Cute Outfits/Bows/Accessories – Some of my favorites are Cotton On, H&M, Zara, Old Navy, Spearmint Love, the list goes on. There are so many online boutique stores that have the cutest baby clothes. I love Maelynn’s Market for bows but you can get some cute ones off of Amazon.

Bassinet – You know I love the Snoo. My review about it is here and my post about how I got Goldie to sleep through the night by 9 weeks here. However – Halo, Chicco, Maxi Cosi, 4Moms, there’s a lot of options out there. You could also use a pack n play instead of a bassinet.
Sound Machine – I love the Hatch sound machine. Make sure to use a decibel checker to ensure your level of sound is safe for the baby.
Swaddles – 2-3  I love the Happiest Baby swaddles. Ollie swaddle is a good one too! Taking Cara Babies has a lot of suggestions for swaddles on her Amazon page. Once your baby starts showing signs of rolling (2-3 months) you’ll need to start the transition out of a swaddle and into a sleep sack.
Waterproof Mattress Cover
Crib Sheets – 3 I recently got these off of Amazon, they’re so cute!
Blanket – These are not for using in the crib. For safe sleep, don’t put anything in your baby’s crib for the first year. I use blankets for walks, to bundle up when they’re in their car seat, and when we’re out and about. Saranoni are my favorite right now. They are sooo soft and cozy I love them. I think the receiving size is perfect for babies.
Baby Monitor – I have the summer infant one and don’t care for it but it’s not broken so I refuse to buy another one. I have heard amazing reviews on the VAVA. If you plan on having more than one baby I would definitely go ahead and register/buy the one with split screen capability.
Owlet Smart Sock Monitor – This is something that I would consider optional, but for peace of mind it may make you feel more comfortable. I registered for it, didn’t get it, and decided not to purchase it. Either way, I don’t think it’s a bad purchase!
Crib/Glider/Other Nursery Furniture – You can always add these items to your registry because you never know who will purchase, but it’s not something that you have to have on there.

High Chair – The Stokke Tripp Trapp is probably one of the top high chairs (in my book). However it’s kinda pricey, and unless you buy the one I linked from Nordstrom, you have to buy all of the accessories separately. There are a couple other high chairs out there that give you a similar look and function for a better price such as the Abiie Beyond and the Keekaroo Height Right. I have the Abbie Beyond and really like it, no complaints! Goldie is now using it. If you don’t get the high chair you really wanted off of your registry there is this big money saver – the Ikea high chair! This high chair comes in at $21, you can’t beat that. However if you get the Ikea high chair it is VERY important that you buy a footrest for it for choking safety. Yeah Baby Goods sells accessories for the Ikea high chair that make this $21 high chair look so cute and chic. It is worth checking out!
Pacifiers – These BIBS pacifiers look cute. I have no preference because Penelope never took one, and I didn’t try with Goldie.
Pacifier Clip These are cute, but I’ve also seen personalized clips like these with the babies names on them that are just darling.
Bottle Sterilizer
Dishwasher Basket (for bottle & pump parts)
Bottle Brush – I like the OXO Bottle Brush because it comes with a stand.
Bottle Drying Rack –  I have the Boon Lawn Drying Rack and I have no complaints about it, but I know people who have the Munchkin High Rise one and prefer that. It’s just a matter of preference and what works for you.
Bottles – I tried a handful of different bottles but found that I loved Comotomo the best. They only have 3 parts, are silicone, and my girls didn’t have any issues with it going from breast to bottle. I also liked the Dr. Brown preemie bottle for when they are newborn. It has a slower flow which is good for breastfed babies and came recommended by my Lactation Consultant. Every baby is different, so I would register for a couple different ones to see what you and your baby like best. BabyList has a bottle bundle you can register for that comes with 5 different bottles to try.
Burp Cloths  – 10-15
EASZZZ Baby Night Light – This light is for those middle of the night feedings. If you have the Hatch, technically you could use the light with that but I loved this one a lot more. A friend of mine gifted it to me when I was pregnant with Goldie and I was obsessed. You simply turn it over and it slowly turns on, no looking at my phone to adjust anything. I loved it so much!

If you plan on breastfeeding/pumping…
My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow – It’s also great for bottle feeding. Saves your arms and back!
Breastpump (if not covered by insurance) – Highly recommend consulting a lactation consultant before choosing your pump.
Nursing Pads 
Breast Milk Storage Bags

About Formula…
My advice to anyone who is having a baby for the first time is to have an open mind about breastfeeding and formula feeding. Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work for you and your baby and that’s OK. Fed is best weather bottle or breast! You also might need to supplement with formula. I had such a hard time breastfeeding in the beginning with Penelope and we had to supplement with formula to get her weight up. It was rough, and something no one told me to prepare for. Have an open mind, and don’t beat yourself up for however you end up feeding your baby. With that, I would do your research ahead of time to find out, in the case that you use formula, which one would you want to use? This is something you can also talk to your pediatrician about during your meet and greet or baby appointments.
Baby Brezza Formula Pro – I have heard this is an absolute game changer for formula bottles and totally worth the investment.

I feel like I should address this section since I have a few different kinds of baby wearing options. In my opinion, there is a time and place for all of these types of carriers to be used, which is why I have one of each kind. I like the soft fabric wraps for the newborn days to keep them snug and close to you. It’s also an easy way to soothe your baby if they are fussy while getting things done around the house. I love the Ergobaby carrier for when they are a little older, around 5ish months. It’s easy to put on and convenient for everyday use while out and about. It’s my favorite for travel as well.  You can also use it so they face you or face outward. Then there is the sling. You can use the sling from the time they are newborns, but I personally love it as they get a little older. It’s also a perfect way to wear them when you’re around other people and want to keep the baby snug and close to you so the baby doesn’t get passed around.
Ergobaby Carrier
Soft Wrap CuddleBug wrap is my favorite. Easy, simple, and less fabric than most of the other wraps. However, there are some companies like Solly that have the cutest colors and prints. There are a lot of options out there and I think it’s just a matter of preference.
WildBird Sling – Love this sling and they always have the cutest prints and colors.

Diaper Bag – Most of them usually come with a changing pad so you don’t have to buy them. I also carry some potty pads in my diaper bag. I like them because they cover more space. If you’ve been eyeing the Freshly Picked Diaper Bag, there’s this dupe that I have that has been great.
Portable Sound Machine – BUY THIS ONE! It’s amazing, I have two of them. Do not get the cheap $10 one off Amazon. I got it, and it sucked.
Stroller Fan – I love the one I linked over a clip one. I tried the clip kind and it just is eh compared to this one.
Bottle Cooler –  You can use for bottles and keep in your diaper bag or take with you for milk you pump.
Car Seat Cover/Nursing Cover – I love the MilkSnob kind since they double as a nursing cover. There are so many dupes out there to choose from though.
Backseat Mirror 

Car Seat – I have the UppaBaby Mesa. I like it since it’s very easy to use with the Vista. Make sure your car seat is compatible with whatever stroller you choose or get the correct attachments to make it work. There are so many options and price points for car seats and strollers. Check out @safeintheseat for car seat tips!
Stroller – I love my Vista as a single stroller (full review coming soon!). However, you can register for multiple strollers if you want; jogger (BOB, Thule, there’s lots of options) & travel stroller (Zoe, BabyZen YOYO, Culogo are great options for easy lightweight travel strollers). You will most likely end up buying additional strollers for different things FYI (prepare your spouse now so they aren’t surprised when you tell them that you need a new one for x y or z LOL). Different strollers for different things! My Vista review will give you more insight into that topic as well.
Stroller Caddy – I have the UppaBaby one and it’s alright. I’ve seen this one and wish I got it instead.
Bouncer –  I LOVE the Baby Bjorn bouncer, but there are many options out there. Used mine everyday while I cooked, showered, etc. It’s easy to take from room to room, and even travel with since it folds up and is very slim.
Car Seat Mat For The Seat – Make sure your car seat is compatible with this item before adding to your registry! I have the Munchkin Brica seat protector, which is compatible with both of my car seats. Follow @safeintheseat for car seat tips. She has a post on car seat mats as well.
Swing – I had the Mamaroo and both of my girls didn’t care for it. It’s a great product, I just didn’t get any use out of it. I also felt like the BabyBjorn bouncer replaced this item.
Pack n play – I have two; 4Moms & BabyBjorn, and love both for different reasons. I love the 4Moms for the house, and also used it to keep Penelope contained once she was mobile while I would get ready or cook. I used the 4Moms for Goldie when I transitioned her out of the Snoo, and she slept in it up until she was about 8 months. It’s awesome and so easy to set up. However it’s heavy and kinda bulky so I don’t like it for travel. BabyBjorn is the best travel bassinet. Easy to set up, not bulky, extremely light weight, super compact when in the case. It doesn’t take up a bunch of room which is perfect for hotel rooms. I love love love it for travel or even if we’re at a friend/ family house and my girls need to take a nap.
SlumberPod – This has become an essential item for us. If you plan on traveling I LOVE this – get it! Taking Cara Babies has a discount code as well (CARA20) for $20 off when you purchase it through the SlumberPod website. We used this when traveling with Penelope, and when Goldie was born we used it over her bassinet. It was so nice to be able to get ready for bed with the light on and she wouldn’t wake up because of the SlumberPod. Mike is also up super early, so he would zip it back up when he would get up. It was a game changer for us while Goldie slept in our room.
Lounger – I have the Dock A Tot and love it. I used it everyday from 0-3 months with Goldie. I’ve heard great things about Snuggle Me Organic as well.

Play Mat – I have the  Love Every mat and I love it, but it is kinda pricey. If we were not gifted this I don’t know that I would have spent the money to get it on our own. It can grow with your baby which is great, but we didn’t really use it much for Goldie once she was mobile – she was more interested in all of Penelope’s toys. There are a lot of options to choose from for a play mat.
Teething Toys Sophie the giraffe is a cute and great teether, but there are so many different ones. You can also get teethers that you keep in the fridge which gives the baby relief when a tooth is coming in.
Activity Center – You won’t start using this until your baby can hold their head up and have a little more core strength (4ish months). I have this one and both my girls loved it. Again, lots of options out there!
Jumper – I had one and used it maybe once, so in my opinion I think it is optional. The activity center we have almost doubles as one because the girls jumped around it too.
Portable Activity Center – This is optional, but we use it all the time and love it! We take it to the beach, use it outside, and take it to friends/family houses. Folds up easy and light to travel with.
Books – At our baby shower we asked people to bring a book in lieu of a card and I’m so happy we did because it started our book collection.

Outside of what I listed above I don’t think I would put many toys on your registry. They don’t need much from 0-6 months and naturally you, grandparents, and close family will end up buying toys because you see something and just haveee to get it for the baby 😉

Diapers – I prefer Pampers Pure or anything Pampers brand. It’s just been my favorite and I love how soft they are. Once you’ve gone through all of the diapers you’ve been gifted, Costco diapers are like a hidden gem. They are exactly like Huggies, and have cut our diaper budget in less than half of what it used to be.
Wipes – I love Water Wipes, but after the first month or two I switch to the Up & Up Target brand since they are a fraction of the cost. Costco also has Kirkland brand wipes that are great too.
Wipe Warmer – Not essential, but a nice touch for when you’re home and they are in the newborn stage. I never used it with Goldie.
Diaper Pail – I started with the diaper genie and it broke after a year. You also have to buy specific bags which is kind of annoying. I got the Ubbi and love it so much more. It’s more compact, yet holds more diapers, keeps the smell out, and best part – you can use any kind of bag.
Changing Pad – There are so many different options with this. Tip – if you go with a changing table like the Kekaroo or Hatch ($$), you don’t have to buy changing pad covers or liners = less laundry. So even though you spend more money on it you might end up saving in detergent and water from laundry. The Hatch even has a built in scale, which is pretty awesome.
Changing Pad Covers – 5 You go through these so much when they are little.
Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners – 6 THESE ARE A MUST! They saved me from going through all my changing pad covers in one day.
Butt Paste – I would get a few different kinds. I use Boudreaux’s, Aquaphor, and Desitin.
Diaper Cream Applicator – I thought this was a pointless buy, but honestly, it’s a game changer. Get it, you won’t regret it.

Bath Tub – I have the Boon Soak Tub and used this up until both my girls were about 7 months. It has been great through the transitions. Also fits perfect in a single bowl/farmhouse sink so you can do baths from the sink, which saves your back.
Hooded towel – l like the hooded towels for the newborn phase but I also don’t like them because they are so thin. I use these towels for clean ups after meals and butt rinsing (I do a rinse in the sink for poop diapers when they are newborns to avoid diaper rashes – maybe something I’ll do a post about). I like using regular bath towels because they are oversized for babies and keep them warmer, in my opinion.
Wash Cloths – 5-10
Bath Toys – Do not get any bath toys with holes that squirt water. Water gets stuck, then mold and bacteria grow, and you don’t want your baby chewing or bathing with that.
Tub Thermometer
Soap – I personally love the Mustella or Weleda brand for soap.
Lotion Tubby Todd All Over Ointment is awesome. I also love the Weleda brand for lotion – they have one specific for their face as well. When it comes to soap and lotion I think it’s all preference.
Mustela Cleansing Water – This is optional, but it’s a product I love and I think it’s essential. I use this to cure baby acne, clean my baby’s face after they spit up, and even use for diaper rashes. If any red irritation pops up on them I put this stuff on and it clears it up.
Brush/Comb – The Frida Baby combo is awesome and works for cradle cap too.
Nail File – I don’t have anything special but have heard a lot of moms rave over this electric baby nail filer.
Bath Mat – Saves your knees. I started with just a towel on the bathroom floor and quickly bought a mat.

Humidifier – I have two different kinds of humidifiers and prefer the Fida Baby one. I don’t like it because it’s not ideal to clean, It takes forever to air dry out – but I guess all humidifiers do.
Digital Thermometer & Rectal Thermometer
Snot Sucker – I use the Nose Frida but I’ve also heard that the NasaKleen is awesome and some people prefer it over Nose Frida. Frida Baby also has an electric version and it’s alright, I wouldn’t have this as your only option though.
Gripe Water
Gas Relief Drops
Infant Tylenol
Frida Baby Windi – These came in handy for my girls when they were newborns and so gassy.

Taking Cara Babies Newborn Course
Target/Amazon gift cards
Postmates/Food gift cards

My last piece of advice when putting together your registry or purchasing things; register in MULTIPLE places! Why? The discounts! Most registries will send you coupons toward the end of your pregnancy to use on items you did not receive off of your registry yet. Here is a big tip especially if you plan on purchasing big ticket items yourself such as the UppaBaby Vista/Mesa…. Buy Buy Baby sends you a 15% coupon closer to your due date and you can use it on anything. Normally you can’t use any coupons on car seats, strollers, or anything UppaBaby. However, with this specific coupon you can!!! I don’t know how, but it works! So if you don’t get the stroller or car seat that you wanted from your baby shower, wait to buy and use this coupon! Also, if you don’t get something off of your registry that’s more expensive check out Facebook Marketplace. I scored both the Baby Bjorn bouncer and pack n play off of Marketplace for a fraction of the cost and they were both in great condition. I also loved that with these Baby Bjorn products you can literally wash the entire fabric part of the product and it is very easy to take off and put back together.

I know it can seem overwhelming but have fun putting your registry together – this is such an exciting time! I hope I was able to help you out and guide you in the right direction. There are so many brands out there it’s hard to choose. Lastly, congratulations!

Xo Dava


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