Newborn Essentials – put these items on your registry!

I spent so much time on my baby registry before I had Penelope, and found that I was using the same few items over and over when she was a newborn. After having Goldie I used some different things but found what really works for us, what I love, and what’s essential. I created a list that will hopefully help other new mama’s when thinking of their registry or things they will need for the newborn stage. We used all of these items practically every single day!

    I kept one on me at all times and in every room. Also had an entire drawer dedicated to these. I would also use the muslin swaddles as a burp rag as well. So much spit up, all the time!
    Babies are so congested and I found that every single morning I was using the Nose Frida to get those little baby boogers out of their nose. During the first few weeks with Penelope, she freaked us out and spit up through her nose and we would have to use this to get everything out. Don’t forget to use saline before. I didn’t for the first couple weeks – oops!
    My girls got so gassy around the 3 week age. I started using the Windi’s along with gripe water to help her out. I used these a few times a week to give her relief.
    My girls would get extra fussy at night before bed. I started using gripe water before I put them down for bed for the night. It would help their gas and help them go down for bed.
    Penelope and Goldie had pretty bad baby acne and this stuff clears it up within a couple days. Breast milk and breast milk baths were not doing it. I used this every morning, night, and sometimes at diaper changes to their face and neck. It was great to clean from all that spit up too. After the Mustella I put a face cream on like Tubby Todd or Weleda face cream. Once the baby acne was gone I would use this only at night before they went to bed.
    Never even thought about adding this to the registry until my cousin told me that we needed these. If we didn’t get these we would have changed the changing table cover at least 3-4 times a day. I didn’t think a baby girl could pee everywhere…but they do. With Goldie, I ended up getting potty pads. I was either changing her on our bed in the middle of the night or on the couch. I had to be in the same room as Penelope so I never used our actual changing table in the room with her. These definitely came in handy, and I still use the potty pads when we travel and keep them in the car just in case.
  7. WATER WIPES (or these Up & Up from Target, which is a fraction of the cost)
    When I originally put together my registry I never researched wipes, I just thought I’ll get the honest wipes since I’m registering for the Honest diapers! Tip – Don’t get Honest diapers. Wish I had asked experienced moms before, because every one who I’ve asked now says don’t get Honest diapers. Back to the Water Wipes. Penelope got the worst diaper rash from those honest wipes. I tried out Water Wipes and it changed everything. Every other wipe has a million ingredients in it whereas Water Wipes have only two. A combination of using water wipes when we were out and about, and rinsing her bottom in the sink at home when she had a poop diaper, her rash was cleared up in a few days. I switched to the Up & Up Target brand after a couple months because they are very similar and are a fraction of the cost of the Water Wipes.
    Don’t mess with buttons or zippers in the middle of the night. The night time sleeper gowns with the elastic band at the bottom are key for diaper changes in the middle of the night. I found that if they are a little bit oversized it’s easier to put on the baby. Time saving and so easy when you’re half asleep doing a diaper change at 2 in the morning.
    If you’re a new mom or a germaphobe like me, you’re going to want baby clothes and sleepers with the little hand protectors. People like to hold babies’ hands, and babies love to put their hands in their mouth. Avoid it all by putting them in a sleeper that covers their hands. Germ problem solved!
    My favorite sound machine that you can control all from an app on your phone. Brightness, light color, and sound is all adjustable. Technically you could use this as your night light for the middle of the night feedings but I like the next product for that. When using the Snoo I turn on the white noise sound around 20-30%. Once they transitioned to the crib I keep it around 40%.
    I love this for middle of the night feedings. A friend of mine gifted it to me when I was pregnant with Goldie and I was obsessed. When Goldie would wake in the middle of the night to feed I would simply turn it over and it would slowly turn on, no looking at my phone to adjust anything. I loved it so much!
    When I had Penelope I got this cheap $10 portable sound machine and it sucked. I got this one with Goldie as recommended by Taking Cara Babies and it’s awesome. Sound, volume, battery life, everything is just great!
  13. AIR PODS
    Ok, so this one might be for you but you also have to take care of yourself when taking care of the baby! I used my Air Pods for the middle of the night feedings. In those first few weeks feedings can be long and I would be up for sometimes almost an hour for one feeding. I put my Air pods in and put on some Housewives on my phone and I was able to stay up and not fall asleep while feeding Goldie.
    Maybe I’ll write about this in another blog post, but breastfeeding did not come natural to me and Penelope. I thought that was going to be the easiest thing but it was the most challenging and frustrating thing ever. She wouldn’t latch or take a bottle. We were feeding her with a syringe at one point. Six weeks later with the help of an amazing lactation consultant and an ear nose and throat specialist, we were finally getting breastfeeding down. Around 7/8 weeks she was a pro. If breastfeeding doesn’t work out for you, that’s ok too! This pillow will still save your arms and back while bottle feeding. Mike actually would use it when feeding the girls a bottle. I used this pillow until I stopped breastfeeding Penelope at 16 months and am using it with Goldie as well.
    This wrap carrier is super easy to use and doesn’t have as much excess fabric like some of the other ones. I used this around the house a lot. Penelope just wanted to be held all the time and putting her in the carrier made it feel like she was swaddled and carried at the same time and freed up my hands. This allowed me to get some things done around the house and she always fell asleep in it.
  16. DOCK A TOT
    I used this every single day with Goldie. She was either in this or the Baby Bjorn Bouncer if I wasn’t feeding or holding her when she was a newborn. There is also the Snuggle Me Organic that I know people love and I assume is similar, but this is just what I used and loved it!
    I used the Rock n Play during the day with Penelope, but that got recalled so I had to get some other kind of bouncer for Goldie. I wanted this bouncer but didn’t want to pay the price tag. I ended up finding it on Facebook Marketplace and paid $80. My SIL found one for even cheaper on Marketplace in her area! I love this bouncer and love that the entire thing can be easily washed. Used it every single day for those first few months with Goldie!
    Originally got this for labor and to help with lower back pain during pregnancy, but man oh man, babies LOVE this. Penelope would be screaming her head off and the moment we would sit on the exercise ball and start bouncing she immediately calmed down. I’m guessing this could also be the equivalent to a swing but I never used one. Penelope didn’t like the Mamaroo so I never bothered with Goldie. I also used this to help get Goldie to sleep at night, which I wrote about here.
  19. SNOO
    I love the Snoo, and if you are able to buy/rent/buy used do it! I wrote my review on it here and wrote about how I got my baby to sleep through the night using it here.

There are so many other things that you need, which I’ll save for another time, but I hope this newborn essential list came in handy when putting together your registry or shopping for a gift!

xo Dava




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