Everything You Actually Need For Your Hospital Bag

Like any new mom to be, I researched like crazy, what should I have in my hospital bag? I actually wrote about it here. This time around, I brought basically nothing. But seriously, I learned that I needed maybe a third of what I brought the first time. So here it is (in my opinion)… what you actually need for the hospital for every stage of your stay.

Let’s Get Packing

• Bluetooth speaker ~ set the mood for labor/delivery and create a playlist to have good energy
• Long charger
• Blanket ~ hospital one is so thin and I always run cold
• Hair ties
• Hair clips
• Big water bottle ~ the hospital has huge waters they give you in case you forget
• Airpods
• Letter to Mike <3 ~ I did this last time and it was a sweet and special moment we shared. I wrote two letters for Mike, one to read during labor and the other while we were in recovery.


• Soft robe
• Nursing bra ~ these are my favorite comfy nursing bras
• Button up dress pajamas ~ these were perfect for breastfeeding and also getting checked down there
• Cozy socks ~ still didn’t use them this time, hospital ones were just fine
• Croc slip ons ~ double as shower shoes but also so comfy for your tired pregnant feet
• Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, moisturizer – my routine is more complex than this, but I learned from the first time around that you might not be able to stand for long, so I wanted to keep it simple!)
• Hairbrush
• Chapstick
• Baby blanket ~ nice to do skin to skin with a cozy blanket over Goldie
Nipple cream ~ brought in case I had to start pumping in the hospital
• Breast feeding pillow ~ saves your arms, back, and this one was recommended by my lactation consultant
• Baby outfit for pictures


• 1 Pair of Depends ~ way comfier than the hospital pad/diaper situation
Baby going home outfit
• My going home outfit ~ pregnancy sweats and an oversized sweater is ideal
• Car seat ~ installed in the car

This time around I also brought a bag of snacks for me and Mike and thank you baskets for the nurses filled with treats. The hospital has basically everything you need, so no need to over pack. I also found that even though you might use x, y, z on a daily basis, the chances of you using it in the hospital after you were in labor for however many hours, pushing for however long, or recovering from major surgery, are slim to none- and that’s okay. I only got up to go to the bathroom and wanted to get right back into bed. Walking after giving birth for me, feels like your insides are going to fall out…a very weird feeling. Take the time to rest, recover, and bond with your newborn. And don’t forget to take all of those postpartum care items home from the hospital!

xo Dava


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