What’s In My Hospital Bag

This is a small carry on luggage – don’t worry I didn’t pack some huge suit case!

I’ve read so many different lists and talked to people about what to bring and what not to bring. So when it came to figuring out what I’m going to pack in my hospital bag, I decided to stick to what seemed to be a trend. I slowly started packing and getting my bag ready at around 30 weeks. By 34 weeks I was fully packed! I love packing cubes too, which made this easy to organize everything. One cube has my clothes, one for baby, and one for toiletries. There are certain things I can’t exactly pack like my computer, but I have reminder notes so we don’t forget those items. 

For Mama:
When packing my clothes I kept it very minimal. I think for the majority of my hospital stay I will mainly wear my robe with a nursing bra. Between the nurses and doctor checking you post delivery, it will probably be pointless to wear any type of pants. I didn’t pack any underwear because I’ve heard all about the infamous hospital underwear that are ten times better than anything else you can get. I packed two sets of the softest button up pajamas that I can wear for when we have visitors, just so I feel a little more put together. I might even end up wearing one of the sets home. I bought some cheap slippers specifically for the hospital because I plan on throwing them out afterward (gross hospital germs). I also packed like 4 or 5 pairs of cozy socks because my feet are always cold. 


Soft black robe 
Two sets of button up pajamas 
Cozy socks
Nursing bras
Going home outfit/cozy outfit
Black granny panties for going home (just in case)
Flip flops for shower

Almost all of the toiletries I am packing are all travel size and disposable so I can toss them after my stay at the hospital. I didn’t want to bring my Sonicare toothbrush or any of the things I re-use on a daily basis back home after being exposed to all the hospital germs. Makeup is on the list but to be honest, I probably won’t even put any on, which is why I kept it super minimal.

Disposable toothbrush (throw out after hospital stay)
Face moisturizer 
Body Wash
Eyelash curler
Eyebrow pencil
Nipple cream
Nursing pads (hospital probably has these but just in case) 
Hair ties
Hair clips

For Baby:
It seems that a lot of people overpack for baby so I made sure that I am only bringing what is necessary. The hospital has everything they’ll need. Since I don’t know how big my little babe is going to be, I was told to bring two different sizes for their going home outfit. Nail clippers are kinda random I know, but my sister-in-law told me that their nails are so long when they are born that I’m going to want to cut them right away. I don’t even know that we’re going to need a diaper bag but that will be something that stays in the car just in case. 

Nail clippers
Going home outfit (newborn & 0-3 month option)
Swaddle & bow for pictures
Car seat
Diaper bag w/ essentials (keep in car)

Other Random Things:
These things are mainly for my own comfort and entertainment. I have a labor/delivery playlist that I plan on playing on my bluetooth speaker in the room. I’m not really sure that I am going to use the breast feeding pillow in the hospital but I want to bring it so that I get used to using it. Maybe it will help me if I’m having trouble, who knows. I’ve heard the hospital towels are tiny and I would rather have one of my own so I feel more comfortable. Going along the comfort theme I plan on bringing my own pillow and blanket. I didn’t plan on bringing my computer, but when we did our hospital tour the nurse had mentioned it incase you want to watch Netflix or Hulu during labor or your stay. 

Bluetooth speaker
Long 10 ft. phone charger
Breast feeding pillow
Big water bottle
Bath towel
Computer & charger 

We’ll see what I actually use, but now I feel prepared! My bag is packed with the exception of certain things, so I have a sticky note on my bag that says what to add before heading to the hospital. I don’t want to forget anything and incase I am not the one to grab my own bag, they’ll know what else to bring along. Now I’m ready for this baby! 


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