Pregnancy Weeks 31-35

Kayci Decker Photography

WOW I’m tired. We got back from our baby moon and the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. Just when I got past the sickness, had a couple good weeks, and now I’m so exhausted.

Work is getting much harder on me too. Acid reflux is still alive and burning my throat. I can feel this baby getting so much bigger every day. She really likes hanging out on my right side which gets very uncomfortable. I think I said this in my last update, but she still does this thing where she gets into positions that must hit nerves, and makes my stomach feel like it’s in my throat and my brain is being squeezed together. It’s the worst! If I try to move her, that hurts my brain even more. Sleeping is getting a little more uncomfortable but I’m only waking up about once a night to go to the bathroom.

Our baby shower was on the day I turned 32 weeks. Two of my aunts threw our baby shower brunch, and it was the first time I missed being able to drink (didn’t think I would say that). Seeing everyone with a mimosa…they looked so good! Besides that, it was absolutely perfect. I’m so grateful that I have such amazing aunts in my life. I didn’t do things “traditional” with the opening of presents and games, just hung out with our family and friends and ate some good food. We got pretty much everything we needed for baby girl, and our house looked like a baby bomb went off afterwards. Mike got everything put together and we organized and washed everything. Her room just needs to be decorated, but that will come with time.

I tried to Marie Kondo all her drawers – hopefully it stays this way

At week 33 we had a couple more pediatrician meet and greets and picked ours. We met with three different ones, and the one we went with checked all the boxes. We walked out of the appointment and just knew, she was the one! It’s so crazy how many things you have to think about for your child. It also makes me think, wow I’m having a baby. Sounds weird since I’m already in my third trimester but I still can’t believe that we’re having a baby. It is feeling more real now that we have all that baby stuff but not at the same time. My hospital bag is all packed and the car seat is installed and ready to go at 34 weeks. I started packing and organizing it at 30 weeks and now it’s ready. Some will say it’s too early, but I have this terrifying feeling like she’s going to come early and we won’t be prepared. Although we aren’t doing any baby classes or birthing classes the one thing we decided to do was the hospital tour. While it was information, we walked out of there and Mike said to me, “We could have figured out everything on our own”.

Kayci Decker Photography

We had our maternity shoot at 34 weeks with Kayci Decker, who also shot our wedding. She’s AMAZING btw. I’ll share some of our photos in another post. I’m so happy we captured these memories of our first pregnancy. Now that we have the photos, I’m ready for her to be here. Too soon? I’m over being pregnant.

Week 35 has by far been the toughest week of pregnancy. I am getting up to go to the bathroom 3-4 times in the middle of the night. I can feel this baby in all corners of my belly making me extremely uncomfortable. I think I cried at least two or three times this week at 5 o’clock in the morning because I just want to be comfortable and sleep and I can’t. My shoulders hurt from sleeping, my lower back is killing me, I feel so sleep deprived, and am just hurting all around. The belly is definitely starting to drop, which means she’s getting ready (hopefully sooner than later). I’m also starting to swell so the wedding rings have officially come off and my fingers feel naked.

I had my last day of work two days before I hit 36 weeks. I really wanted to make it longer but physically, my body could not go on. I’m really going to miss it, but at the same time I’m excited to be in the home stretch and get some rest before I won’t be able to anymore. I’m so excited to meet our baby girl. This entire pregnancy has really flown by and now everyday feels like an eternity. I know that she’ll be here before we know it.

Kayci Decker Photography

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