Pregnancy Weeks 20-24

I was talking on the phone with my aunt one day and she was asking me how I was feeling…same ol’ same ol’. Throw up most days, some days I don’t. She suggested sipping on coke classic or coke syrup (you can get in the pharmacy), to help subside any feeling of nausea and avoid puking. First thing the next morning I went to the market and got a tiny can of coke classic, let it go flat (her suggestion), and sipped on it. IT WORKED!

I tried my first pre-natal yoga class at week 18 and decided to make it a regular thing since I wasn’t really working out anymore. I’ve been going once a week to YogaWorks for their pre-natal yoga class and I love it. I feel so rejuvenated afterwards. It’s really teaching me how to focus on my breathe, which will come in handy during labor, and be present in the moment. I feel like my mind is always thinking of what I should be doing next, my to do list, and other random thoughts. This time during yoga makes me forget about the lists and stresses. My focus is on me, my body, and my baby.

These weeks have been some of my best. I probably had only one solid week of throwing up (week 20). Ever since the Coke trick, it’s only been maybe two times? I ended up buying a liter of Coke but decided that when I run out I’m not buying it again. I don’t want to get used to waking up and having a Coke. I was never a big soda drinker before and I don’t want to become one. Although I’m not going to lie, Sprite tastes really good during this pregnancy.

During week 20 Mike got to feel her move for the first time! The day I turned 20 weeks, the movements felt so strong, so I lifted my shirt and knew that you HAD to see something. There she was. I had been feeling movements since week 15 but nothing that Mike could see or feel so this was special.

People in the restaurant can definitely tell now that I’m pregnant and are soo much nicer. It’s interesting, actually. I served someone who is usually a pain and this time she was staring at my belly. My immediate reaction was “oh did you need something else?” to which she responded, “I was uhhh…just….uhh…looking at your uhhhh shirt”. She realized I’m pregnant and she completely changed and was so chatty with me. Oh, now you want to be nice because I’m pregnant!? Okay, I’ll take it!

We had a “special” ultrasound during week 23 where the doctor measured everything in baby girl’s body to see how she’s growing and make sure everything is good. It sounds so crazy but she’s so cute! Never thought I would be that person to say that about an ultrasound, but here I am. Doctor said she’s healthy and is in the 87th percentile in growth. Mike was a 10 pounder so I’m hoping she isn’t that big.

Week 23 the Coke ran out…and the throw up hasn’t come back. Hallelujah!’s only been a few days so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Some lady told me, “You’re going to have a large baby” and for some reason it made me think, who are you to say that!? Do I look that large?! Maybe I’m just hormonal. I’m sure I’m going to hear it all from strangers as this belly gets bigger. I’m also starting to up my stretch mark prevention game with belly masks, oils, body butters, dry brushes. I’m doing it all. 



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