Pregnancy Weeks 13-19

“Ohh hunny, it should subside and go away during your second trimester”

So many people told me that. It did subside…well, kinda. The toilet became something I didn’t want to look at. It’s traumatizing when you’re barfing your brains out every day. I was lucky and got some days that went throw-up free. As soon as I would tell someone “I’m on day two of no sickness!”, the next day it would strike back. I got over saying “I think it’s going away”. I started to accept that this is my life for now…throw up and get it over with so I can feel better and go on with my day.

Week 13 had my pants feeling a little tight and my stomach bloated but you couldn’t see any significant changes in my body. I will say, that while I wasn’t feeling great my skin cleared up sooo much and was so soft. Thanks baby girl!

Week 15, I officially started wearing maternity pants. Everything with an elastic waist or something that would suck you in felt like torture on my stomach. I would only button my pants if I absolutely had to, so I made the jump and invested in almost every shade of maternity jeans. I justified this purchase because I’ll be pregnant during winter and…Motherhood Maternity was having a sale! During the 15th week I felt flutters for the first time, so exciting.

Week 16, I was serving a table and they offered me a drink. I rubbed my stomach and said “Oh I wish but I can’t” and they said congrats. Towards the end of their meal I was clearing plates from their table when she TOUCHED MY BELLY. I didn’t have time to react, my hands were full, and this stranger just touched me. Whaaaatttttt.

I was graced with a throw up free week during week 16 and part of week 17. It was lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Week 17-18, my belly definitely started to “pop” and things were looking a lot more noticeable. During my 18 week appointment I asked my doctor if I should take anything for throwing up. Just as I thought, he didn’t suggest it since I can keep all my fluids and food down after I throw up. Taking anything would make me feel drowsy in the morning, and as long as I feel good afterwards I’m ok. So if I am throwing up until I give birth, I’ll survive. I’m not the first one to go through this. I just won’t be able to look at a toilet again in my life.

Our sweet baby girl at our 18 week appointment. This little baby is actually growing inside of me!

Week 18-19, guests in the restaurant started looking at me funny. I could tell what they were thinking but no one asked. Her movements had been getting stronger and she became super active at night. It made me so excited that Mike would soon be able to feel her too.

Although I was still puking, baby girl is healthy and growing. Pregnancy is the craziest thing ever. 


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