Pregnancy Weeks 1-7

After finding out I was pregnant I had anticipated getting sick. I mean, that’s what everyone talks and writes about so I assumed it would happen to me too. Every morning I would lay there for a moment and think, how do I feel? Feeling good! I didn’t feel any different and continued to run and workout like I was doing before. Exercise and a healthy diet was something I knew I wanted to keep priority during pregnancy – giving baby the best.

Mike and I were on a walk with Ella and we were talking about how great I was feeling. I told him how I want to keep up the exercise and said, “I think God is making this easy for me because he knows I can’t handle being sick because then I wouldn’t want to do it again.” *Remember this for my next pregnancy update.*

Weeks 4-6 I was still in school, and although I felt tired at certain times and got a nasty cold/cough, I was doing ok. It was my last two weeks of school and I was able to finish strong with an A in my last college course. YAY!

We went camping to Lake Tahoe during weeks 7-8 and I was able to hike and do everything we wanted. The only difference I felt was extreme exhaustion. My husband is the best, he let me nap during our drives, set up our ENTIRE camp site, cooked every meal, and never complained about it. How did I get so lucky?! We had so much fun during our time in Tahoe. It’s one of our favorite places and holds a special place in our hearts since we got engaged here.

Overall, pregnancy was going great!


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