It’s a GIRL!

“You’re definitely a boy mom”
“You’re having a boy for sure”
“There’s a lot of girls in the family it’s time for a boy”
“It’s a boy, I just know it”

I heard all of these so many times that I was convinced, we were having a boy! Not going to lie, I was very nervous if the news was girl. All I thought about was boys, dating, and how much more expensive girls are…already thinking 15+ years ahead. I also never had a good relationship with my mom so that part terrified me, how was I suppose to know what a good healthy one was like?

At my 10 week doctor appointment they did a blood draw to send out for genetic testing and called my sister-in-law with the results two weeks later. Two days after they called her we had our immediate family over for the reveal.

That’s when we found out, it’s a GIRL! I was so shocked but excited. Mike said he had a feeling it was a girl. Later that night we went shopping for baby girl clothes. It took a few days for it to sink in, but after talking to a friend it made me so much more excited for my baby girl. I was telling her how nervous I was about having a girl, because I don’t know what that relationship is like, and I want to make sure that me and my daughter have a close bond.

She told me, “Maybe God knew that’s what you needed because you never had that”.

I cried. Thinking about that conversation makes me cry. Writing that just made me cry. I’m also hormonal and emotional but those words couldn’t be more true.

I’m having a baby girl and I get to be her mommy, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!


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