Pregnancy Weeks 8-12

The second half of the first trimester! Feeling good and doing everything I was before. Pregnancy wasn’t going to stop me. Until…

Week 8 Day 1: Mike and I got back from our Tahoe trip the night before. It was my first day where I was going to really focus on applying for jobs and be a business women (even though I was pregnant). I woke up feeling good, made my spinach smoothie and breakfast, and an hour later it was all in the toilet. Ok, maybe it was something in the smoothie? Had to be.

The next day I avoided the smoothie and stuck to my same healthy breakfast of eggs with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, avocado. One hour after eating it was all in the toilet. Maybe it’s eggs? I’ll try something different tomorrow.

I switched it up and had oatmeal with berries and peanut butter. That went in my mouth and came right back up.


Yup. However, I didn’t really feel nauseous. I just got this feeling like, hmm I don’t feel good, and within two minutes I was puking my brains out. Some days I would get major headaches afterwards and other days I felt fine. Either way, I definitely felt better after throwing up and could go on with my day.

During these weeks I started to gag at the sight of raw chicken, could not go into a grocery store without gagging, and couldn’t cook. Ew, food…gross! I couldn’t eat anything I had thrown up because it sounded gross. I also couldn’t get to the point of being hungry because I wouldn’t feel good. Del Taco, Taco Bell, and a variety of fast foods that I hadn’t eaten in years had become part of my diet. I tried to eat healthy in between but I just needed that hangover greasy food to satisfy my hunger and stomach. Water also tasted nasty in the morning but so refreshing at night.

Weeks 8-12 were filled with throwing up. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes it was first thing when I woke up, other times it was after I ate, and sometimes both! I did not go a day without throwing up. It sucked.

One and done? This thought was creeping into my mind.

Here are some images from our 10 week appointment. Our little seed was starting to look like a little baby!


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