The First Appointment

I remember the day I called my OB’s office saying I had a positive pregnancy test. They asked me when my last cycle was and asked me again, “And the test was positive?”. Apparently I found out very early.

We had our first prenatal appointment at six weeks, two weeks after we found out. I was so nervous and excited because I didn’t know what to expect and I also was hoping everything was going to be ok with the baby. They did a vaginal ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and there she was….our little tiny seed/worm/baby. We heard her heartbeat for the first time and Mike looked over at me and said, “Does it feel real now?”. It was so amazing but I think I was still in shock. He went over some basics like what to stay away from and then told us to hold off on making any announcements until our next appointment at 10 weeks. The miscarriage rate goes down significantly at that point. So we kept our lips sealed and started to plan on how we would tell the rest of our family! Here is one of the first images of our little baby tadpole.

I had this HUGE secret I had to keep, and it felt like time was going by so slow. Writing this five months later all I want is time to slow down. Is this what parents mean when they say time flies by? Welcome to parenthood I guess. 

xo Dava


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