We’re Pregnant

Complete surprise, but the happiest moment of our lives. Below is the timeline of our journey to finding out we’re pregnant.

In April of 2018 Mike and I got a little baby fever and decided to start trying…even though I was still in school. We were super excited, and in a way got a little ahead of ourselves because well, I was still in school! I thought it would happen really fast so of course I ordered a little bandana for Ella (our dog), and had a plan ready for the day I found out I was pregnant. Nothing had happened after two months and we stopped “trying”. I was so consumed with school and had a lot on my plate, which redirected my focus back to my priorities.

May 2018 I was singing the national anthem at my college graduation ceremony! I’ll post about singing later but this was such an exciting time for me. All I had was summer school and school would officially be out FOREVER for me.

July 2018 I started my last college course. Five more weeks and I would be a college graduate. Mike and I hadn’t talked much about babies lately. We had a conversation in the beginning of July about how excited we were for me to be finishing school. Our entire relationship we were either both in school or just me. School got in the way of fun events and was so annoying at this point, ha! We talked about how we wanted to wait a couple years to start a family, and I started to get pumped up about applying for jobs. I was going to be able to have a career and utilize my college degree after so many years of school. We had plans to travel and do fun things. Babies are definitely going to have to take a backseat.

July 28th, 2018 We went to a Luke Bryan concert with my cousin (who was pregnant at the time) and her fiancé. My aunt got us box seats so all the food and booze were included. We had the best time dancing and drinking. I indulged in dodger dogs and some white wine…like maybe a whole bottle, but hey, I was having a good time! In between the opening performers my cousin went to the bathroom and came back and said she overheard some girl in the bathroom saying, “I think I might be pregnant but I don’t know, so I gotta live it up tonight!”. We all laughed at her bathroom story, but little did I know….that was me, living it up before I knew.

July 29th, 2018 The day after the concert I didn’t have a hangover, which was shocking. Im a lightweight and alcohol does not sit well with me. We had a lazy morning and I knew I was suppose to get my period that day. I’m super regular and rarely am ever late. I had some extra pregnancy tests from when we were actually trying so I thought, I’m going to take one just for fun! Literally…for fun! I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms at ALL nor did I think I was. Mike told me not to because they are so expensive and I’m just going to waste it. In my head I thought, whatever, we’ll buy more when that time comes these things are going to sit here forever. It’s about 3 in the afternoon and I had to go to work in two hours. I peed on that stick “just for fun” and looked over as two pink lines IMMEDIATELY popped up. Mid pee, I gasped, no…this is wrong, this was supposed to be negative, they’re always negative. Nope, clear as day – POSITIVE. I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it. Mike was in the living room so I decided to get the bandana I had bought months earlier and film his reaction.

Luke Bryan concert // The night before we found out

I was shocked, nervous, excited, and thenn had to start getting ready for work. WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We couldn’t believe it.

I’M PREGNANT! Let the pregnancy and baby journey begin.

xo Dava


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